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Assisting Injured Workers with the WCB claims process, so you can focus on healing.


Infectious Diseases:

Workers Edge advocates are home-based; As such, we are able to continue assisting our current clients with their WCB claims as well as being able to assist any new clients with their WCB claims.

Our Mission: To assist you, the Injured Worker, in ensuring you receive all Benefits & Services available to help you return to pre-injury Work & Life.

In our joint partnership we assist you by improving the consistency of the Disability Management Process through comprehensive file reviews.

Injured prior to 1995? Contact us for a FREE review of your WCB pension!

We have assisted people just like you in all types of industries, including:
Construction Trades, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Law Enforcement, Self-Employed and Transportation, etc.  We have helped people located in Canada and internationally with their WCB Alberta claims in the following way:

--> Adverse effects to any Employer / Government mandated vaccines

--> Appeal Denied / Request acceptance of shoulder conditions due to excessive crutch use & knee / hip conditions due to ankle / opposite knee conditions;

--> Appeal Denied / Request HMA (home maintenance allowance);
--> Appeal Denied / Request PCA (personal care allowance);
--> Appeal Denied / Request increases to PCI (permanent clinical impairment), PPD (permanent partial disability) and PTD (permanent total disability);
--> Appeal Denied / Request increases to ELP’s (economic loss payment);
--> Appeal Denied / Request increases to TEL’s (temporary economic loss);
--> Appeal Denied WCB claims;
--> Appeal Denied WCB Surgeries;
--> Appeal Denied work-related MVA (motor vehicle accident) claims;
--> Appeal Denied treatment (physiotherapy, chiropractor, medication, surgery);
--> Appeal Denied TTD (temporary total disability) wage replacement benefits;
--> Appeal Denied Death Benefits related to the work-accident / WCB surgeries;
--> Confirm / Recalculate Wage Replacement (Section 56 & 61) Rates;

--> Workers Edge appeals decisions to the DRDRB (decision review dispute resolution body);

--> Workers Edge appeals decisions to the AC (Appeals Commission), as well as prepares reconsideration of appeals at the Appeals Commission.

--> Medical Panel Hearings.  Assisting injured Workers with Medical Panel Hearings, including choosing the Medical Panel Specialists and attending the Medical Panel hearings with you.

As Medical Panel Hearing is completely binding and cannot be appealed, it is best to have Advocates to assist you with your Medical Panel Hearing.

Please contact us to discuss the assistance we can provide to you.

Phone: 780-721-8965